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Reduce and Resolve Conflict

Workplace Conflict?

Resolve it with Mediation.

External Mediation gets people in conflict talking and finding common ground to rebuild relationships.

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Family Mediation

Reduce Conflict

You want to raise happy, secure kids. Ongoing conflict with their mother or father will affect your ability to do that. Mediation can help. If you reduce the conflict your children will thank you.

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Parenting Plans

Need Help?

Family Dispute Mediation provides the opportunity for you to talk through the issues and establish a parenting plan that will work for you and your children.

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Business Mediation

Sort it out

Mediation provides the opportunity to resolve business disputes without going to court. Sometimes you can even salvage the business relationship.

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Education Mediation

Smart & Simple

Don't let disputes between educators or with students get out of hand. Mediation provides the opportunity to understand and resolve.

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Teenager Mediation

Get talking

Mediation with a non-judgemental and independent mediator can get the communication going again with your teen.

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Reduce Conflict

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Types of Mediation

  • Workplace Mediation
    Workplace Mediation

    Conflict within the workplace is corrosive. It destroys moral and can lead to bullying and stress. Conflict is often caused by different management or leadership styles, misunderstandings and...

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  • Family Mediation
    Family Mediation

    Family Mediation includes Family Dispute Mediation associated with Family Law agreements and other types of dispute resolution within families. Family Dispute Resolution Family Mediation Teenage Mediation Make an...

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  • Education Mediation
    Education Mediation

    Does your Educational Institute have an impartial, external mediator you can call in to assist in resolving disputes? Was your “Internal Dispute Resolution Process” written with accreditation in...

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  • Business Mediation
    Business Mediation

    Business Mediation provides a viable alternative to taking matters to court or writing off potentially valuable business relationships.  The types of issues typically dealt with in business mediation...

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How we can help you.

  • Our mediators
    Our mediators facilitate constructive discussion and conflict resolution.
  • Fact Sheets
    Fact Sheets are short reference documents related to Mediation.
  • Mediation Roadmap
    Brief overview of the mediation process and its stages.

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